At IGS FBO, we strive to get to know our clients and their individual needs and desires. We know how frustrating it can be to organise your trip and excursions through many different parties. Why not let us take care of all the details and planning for you? As a bonus, simplifying things by getting a single invoice afterwards. 

As the largest FBO Network in Iceland, offering services at all major airports in Iceland, we have decided to take our services to the next level and offer different types of handling packages tailored to meet the needs of the general aviation flier. 


Contact us for further information on pricing and the details of your trip. The client´s wishes are our command. Note that each handling option is subject to change on client request. 

Please also note that all handling options are subject to equipment availability. Cancellation policy for all handling options is 48 hours(for helicopters, vehicles and hotel bookings). 


Tel: +354 4250 277
Fax: +354 4250 275 
VHF: 131.9 (KEF) / 131.4 (RKV/AEY/EGS)
E-mail: igs@igs.is