Quality Policy

IGS is a total ground service provider operating in a competitive market. We are a safety and quality committed company. Priorities to IGS operations are Safety, Punctuality and Service. It is our policy to provide our customers with services and products that satisfy their expectations and needs. This policy is implemented through our Quality Manual system. The system complies with the requirements of ISO 9001:2008.

The Quality System is the organisational structure, defined responsibilities, procedures and resources provided to; ensure regulatory compliance, ensure implementation of quality management, form a foundation and discipline for improvement activities, and make certain that our services consistently meet our customer’s needs.

The Quality Manual documents and defines the operation. All employees are required to be familiar with and understand all policies and procedures relevant to their own work and adhere to the requirements of all such policies and procedures.

We will continuously seek innovative ideas and methods to improve our services, to provide responsive, reliable, and high quality services to our customers with the highest priority being safety.

Our strength in meeting future challenges is in our people and our handling systems improvements.

Security Policy

The objective of the security work within IGS is to contribute to minimizing the risk of acts of unlawful interference, sabotage, damage, crime, interruption or other economical losses. This work shall secure that IGS protects and maintains a high level of credibility to our customers and authorities.
The scope of the policy covers all assets (e.g. buildings, computers, aircraft) and information as well as knowledge. The purpose is to protect staff, IGS operations and customers operations. This includes information about employees, customers and suppliers in order to protect their integrity and business operations.
The objective is to:
Contribute to a high level of operational and delivery reliability.
Prevent injuries that can threaten operations and/or the security of the employees.
Prevent unauthorized access to our operations and illegal use of information about our operations.

IGS employees are an important resource and the greatest asset of our security organization. By bringing knowledge and creating an environment of co-operation all employees can contribute to an overall level of security within his/her place of work.
The work of security shall contribute to secure working conditions. These conditions and protection of our employees and their operations enable the prerequisites to have the confidence of the external environment.
The level of security against risks and threats with the aim of causing damage to the company shall continuously be assessed and economically motivated. The basis of valuation of our customers and partners shall be included.
The level of protection shall be reasonable since unrealistic demands or an overestimate of risks and threats can result in a decreased level of confidence in the work of security.
The work of security is the responsibility of all staff, and all employees are under obligation to cooperate in this work.

We define us as a security committed company.  Priorities to IGS operations are Safety, Punctuality and Service.