The policy, which is called “IGS Goes Green”, is aimed to minimizing the environmental effect that IGS operation in Keflavik International Airport generates. The implementation of the policy will be followed up according to this action plan:   

  • IGS’s goal is to use at any time as environmental friendly energy source as possible to power all their ground handling equipment.
  • IGS’s goal is to minimize all driving on the ramp and free-running of their Ground Handling Equipment's.
  • IGS’s goal is to reduce waste and increase recycling as well as bringing all hazardous waste to authorized parties.
  • IGS’s goal is to comply with the requirements of ISO 14001 and continuously improve the environmental management system.
  • IGS’s goal is to take environmental factors into consideration alongside cost and quality when making procurement decisions.
  • IGS’s goal is to follow all regulations regarding the environmental issues that effect IGS operation.

These goals are to be achieved by keeping resource usage to a minimum. Educate IGS staff in environmental protection and encourage them to respect their environment. Set measurable targets for environmental performance. Management responsibility is to keep record of all pollution accidents and all incidents that could have caused pollution and use that information for systematic preventive measures.